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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's ...........................

It's about a past ...........................

I shouldn't bring this up . .
But never mind . What doesn't killed me make me stronger aite ? -_-"

This is about a past . When there's a kid with a broken family .

Once upon a time , a KID were curiously love everything what he sees . From a person until a little unnoticeable pebbles on the side of the road . .

This KID were suprisingly naive to see that his family are a broken family . .
Day by day he tried to steal his parents attention towards his action and learning progress . .
But he knew, for having six other siblings won't be that easy to get an attention from his lovable mother and father . . So he just kept it to himself .

One day, he saw there's a couple of kids at a game shop, happily enjoying PS1(PlayStation One) game console.He tried to play it,and he's good at it.Good means never enough if he's play it only on that shop.So he have an idea. . .

He asked his both parents for the game console and his father promised this . "If you ever get in TOP THREE in your exam, I will buy it for you" . **Well, that kid was just a kid aite?
So he believed it and he made it on straight on getting number 3 in his all three exam when he's just standard 3(10years old),thus , his father said "why 3,get it on number two is even better".

So on standard 4(11years old), this kid takes his computer course on a closed class(old times course fees wasn't that expensive as it is now).He got his first certificate and he knew he's special.Onward, he succeed to get number 2 in exam when he's standard 5.Still his father said "Get it on number 1,people could never get one simply just as that.So be the one". This kid doesn't asked much and kept on for number one.End of the year he got his paper that showed 1/32 in class exam, but he'd already too late . . . . . His parents already divorced and no longer stays with him. .(His parents divorced on ☻ story,while he's standard 3)

As he's doesn't know it for nearly two years that his parents have been divorce, he tried to calm himself and he convinced himself that he would never turn out to be same as other children that same as him(parents divorce). ^^cause normally when a spouse divorced, their children will bear a big mentality issues^^

As when for Children Custody, both his parents promised him the same thing . . . . PS1 . -_-"
Guess what, his father wins it and both of his parents lied .

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