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Friday, November 18, 2011

Continued here(part two)

Remember a story about a KID ?
Well this is his story. When he's 14years old.

Though his difficulties of having a very different life style than before(when his family are together), he still merged his daily life with a smile. .

On this stage, puberty quite fascinating funny as they're . He started to dislike having a male friend . Though he's schooled at Boys School . . . -_-

Through his knowledge about computer's system, he'd always excellent at doing his I.T assignment. Most of his classmate even envy of him .

Every weekdays, he goes to internet cafe and spent mostly his time over there. Later there's a one late night, (GMT+8)0300(3a.m) , he was blocked by this two male teenagers while he's walking back to his home. Those two guys asked for his money and they'd point a knife at him.. Unfortunately for both of these guys, they didn't know that they're messing with a hot-tempered boy with a "no-fear" towards knife.That boy took the knife and throw it into the drain, and...........
Guess what happened after that?The boy beat the hell out of these two idiot "thugs".And he'd also get some money out of them. =_="

Later that day in the middle of school recess,the whole student in upper class glance upon him.The case about hitting those two phunks have been spread all over the school. Suddenly there's another boy tap him on the shoulder, that boy said "Hey tough guy, awesome dude! You whack two people hand by hand~". That boy was confused and asked "What? Where did you know about this?" . The boy who tap our main character is a player and he's one of the marginalized student in that school . Since then they're good pal . And since they're marginalized . The whole "Smarty" students hates both of them, one got the brain together with a reliable handsome friend . Who could resist envy huh ? Even their EXs also made up stories about them . **Some stories told that the boy hit a two teenager for no reason** -_-"

But some friendship just won't last long . The boy met a girl and he'd felt in loved with that girl . He threw ALL of his friend including just for spending his time with the girl . They've been together till the girl cheated on that boy . Pity him, being tested with his family story, friends and also love . Helplessly, he wandered around trying to find himself. . . . Forgetting about his S.P.M(Certificate of Secondary Assessment), he wasted almost most of his time crying and regretting . . . . . . .

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