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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Betrayed, Lost, and Found.

“From the search for a new smartphone... I stumbled upon a lot of many varieties of cool and futuristic features among the top, best, smartphones in the market.” 
“First look at iPhone 8. Were really wanted to feel how does iOS feels like and how it operates. But due to it lacks of dual SIM card functionality, it's out of my wishlist..” 

“Second thought of LG smartphones, immediately flashed back that LG in Malaysia kind of low on after-sales-services and their service center also far away in Tropicana in Subang” 

“Third survey choice on Asus such a waste of time since their top model are just on ‘Selfie’ diorama. Also they did broke my heart by lying about Zenfone 3 Deluxe that NEVER ARRIVE at ALL.” 

“Forth survey was conducted on Note 8 by Samsung. But... As soon as my normal ‘research on bad reviews’ it's so I can differentiate either to take the phone or not... Almost EVERY REVIEWERS said ‘DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE’ and they all have their reasons. So that's the end of Note 8 survey.” 

“Almost giving up all hopes on buying a new smartphone, might as well just keep on using my Nokia 216.” 

“But then, I remembered.. Couple of my customer did mentioned that they experience bad internet connection when in a outback region. But, their friend doesn't have any issue even on the same service provider company (eg. U Mobile). I asked what's the phone they been using? He replied, Huawei.” 

“From there I searched, surveyed, everything about Huawei. Then I fell in love with the ‘Dazzling Blue’.. Just because of my needing to have a lasting impression on power and stability, I've picked P10 Plus. (Mate 10 too damn bulky).” 

“Did I ever hold a Huawei before? Nope. Have I seen the phone before I would like to buy it? Nope. This is in fact is my first time ever to survey just by online, didn't even hold a display set since all of Huawei Store I visited didn't put P10 Plus on display. Everything I imagined it just by on the internet.” 

“First day I uses it. I'm impressed with the battery life usage. Since I played all of my app and games throughout the day, it does the job very well. The phone also includes a super charger adapter that really amazed me for it charges my phone from 0-100% just by an hour and 10 minutes. Tried with GPS usage, gaming, all day on Bluetooth connection, Facebook streaming, YouTube playlist of Misteri Jam 12, still, it lasted from morning till the next 15-16 hours usage. And the camera, at first I was like ‘WTF the camera settings are like airplane switches’. But then, after a few tweaking occurred, I love photographing!! The one and only phone that make me love photography! Hopefully this will be my most recent and outlasted best phone ever I ever have.” 

“Betrayed by Sony when they made a corrupted Android 7 update on my Xperia Z5 Premium and simply just left it to die with no further update to fix the issue..” 

“Now I've found a new companion. It lasted more than a day even with all my usages. Does the job. And, made me fall in love with ‘Photography’. Goodbye old friend...”

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

As your heart being broken, so am I....

Breaking your heart felt as just as breaking my own heart...

Mirror Effect in any way...

Though I said "I hate you", truthfully I am far from what I've said....

As we argued, hatred compiled. The urge to be together are no longer felt.

Silence is the only thing that we both been doing for now....

Either it's still because of hate, or simply just doesn't want to back down to admit there's something wrong with this picture?

3 years, 5 months. 5 days.. +1 year as a friends.....

Will this be the last chapter of us? As you screamed for my death and I wished for your disappearance? So this is the final of us?

As if you read this...... As just you said earlier... I'm unworthy to have a partner... As I broke your heart.

Maybe that's true.. In fact, might be true... But the thing is......

As I broke your heart and as we argued so many time.... I've also, broke my own damn heart by beating our love story to the end of our relationship..

'Well it's easier to say you're mad than to admit that you're hurt'

I really do miss.... What we almost had.............. Love.
I miss that moment so much.......

Monday, April 3, 2017

April..... 2017

As'salamualaikum... Sekali lagi aku buka blog yang dah lama aku tak endahkan......

Baru² ni.... Pasangan aku, Miss Shafienaz, ada mengadu tentang kenduri kahwin kawan dia.. Yang mengajak semua orang(mengikut gambar² perkahwinan; hampir semua kawan yang lain dijemput/ajak) tetapi, tak jemput dia... Masa ni aku cuba tenangkan dengan berkata "kawan bukannya penting" (Maybe sebab aku sendiri dah takde kawan[so baik atau tak apa² jelah]).

Then.... Baru ni hari Sabtu, kawan dia yang aku sendiri pun kenal, tiba² dah kahwin(sebab aku ada nampak gambar bekas kawan baik Miss S bergambar dengan si pengantin). Aku pun memang tengah on-call dengan Miss S terus tanya la "Eh kawan U si F ni baru kahwin lah takde pergi ke?" Terus dia marah² letak phone..

Nak cakap lebih kang.... Lagi mengeruhkan keadaan, tapi tu la...... Aku sendiri dah rasa macamana orang lain aku... Bila nak cari gajet tak pun barang² elektronik baru nak tanya khabar. Kata orang kawan tu boleh bantu susah dan senang. Mana ada...... Aku sendiri dah masuk 26 tahun, kawan masa budak² sekolah dulu boleh la panggil kawan. As sekarang semua jadi lawan.. Jumpa pun takat angkat dagu tanda menegur, tak pun "eh wey, bla³, okay la aku ada hal ni nanti aku PM kau". Tapi then terus senyap......

Yang baca ni if ada yang cakap 'apa la takde life kawan pun takde', memang ada je orang yang takde kawan. Kawan sekerja tu panggil kawan ke? Yela time kerja je sudah. Kawan FB? Kawan dalam FB jelaaaaaaa... Ni pun aku curi pinjam kawan pasangan aku tak pun mana² musuh EX aku tu aku buat jadi kawan aku. LoL.... Tahi ah. Kesimpulan aku, kawan tak penting kalau takat nak isi ruang hidup baik isi pengalaman dalam ruangan² kosong tu. Dari buang masa, tenaga dan duit sebabkan KAWAN.
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