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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happiness. . . . .

In a time. . . . . .

Since I'm so darn busy working and spending time with my lovely lover, I haven't have the time to update my blog at all. . . :\

And now, Hi! As'salamualaikum. . Lately what have happen ;;

-I bought a Yellow Sony Xperia Go as replacement to my old Samsung Champ. :)

-I'm no longer working at Notebook Studio due to the renovation, now I'm working with Sony! Though I missed my old colleagues. . . They're AWESOME!

-Next upcoming phone for me, LG Nexus 4! After I bought this pretty thing, my Samsung Galaxy Tab will be given to my dear girl. :D
Here's the specifications.

-What else eh. . . . . License P for car and bike, blarhhh, not important. . Uhhh. . . . . No idea for now. Stop!
Thanks for reading, bye²! :D

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