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Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's 24th of September . . . 2000 and eleven .

11.10am, Faten Deanna called me. .
I heard her crying over the phone and she asked me . . . .

"Why did this to me?" . . My answer was simple. . . Yet also agonizingly pain for any who read this . . . "Who did this to who? Don't you cry on me, remember when you secretly befriend with your ex, secretly met your ex, midnight and ONLY BOTH of you?? Who could know that on that time I was crying over for a stupid relationship."

Faten, you've wasted me by a very harsh doing . . Its not even my choice to be harsh now, again you said could we, us be together? Remember that day? We went out as ex's and watch movies? I ask you for the same question too. . Guess what your answer? Nahh, you won't remember it, you said that friend makes you happy. Thus you choose friend over me. It's okay. I could live with that.

Now I have my new heart-keeper, she's not like you at all. She faithful and she loves me. As I'm too. Please move on with your so-called 'friends'. Cause you're the one who said it, 'It does feels good with nobody controlling you'.

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