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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Introducingggggggggg My NEW Phone!!

As'salamualaikum & Greeting!

It's been so long since I update my blog..... -_-"
(Because I've broke my wrist though........)

Okay! Now to show you my new gadget!
A very tiny phone that bring a HUGE impact to the user~~~~

Meet, Wireless Me (WiMe) NanoSmart!

I made my purchased at ( - (Got 6 month warranty by them too) ,
The advertisment about it I found it on 
Only In Malaysia (
My own review about this WiMe NanoSmart Watch?

#1 Great gadget because it could make call/sms (receive & call out, send & reply) even with it tiny small size.

#2 Even with extensive usage (playing songs, call, sms) it still could stand up to 12hours, even it charge not taking more an hour!

#3 Strong vibration, good for those people who seldom check their phone of in case there's anything important.

#4 So cute tiny size and it's easy to use. Just the SMALL SCREEN are not suitable for some people with BIG finger/limited eye-sight to read SMALL font words..

#5 Very very verrrrrrrrrrry needed for people that's using two phones like myself BECAUSE! #6.

#6 This NanoSmart can be synchronize with your smartphone. Same function as 
Sony SmartWatch , it will notify you when you received a call, message or an email for instead. Not only that, it could use as a phone!-Personally. Plus, it also could be synchronize with ANDROID AND iOS Apple. Not like the Sony's, it only works with Android platform.

And that's my simple review for my new tiny phone-watch, NanoSmart.

Be Awesome, Be Smart.
Be Me. ☺


  1. Sorry , Nak tanye sikit boleh ? Itu pun kalau tahu lah , Kenapa eh lepas charge tak boleh turn on ? Padahal baru je beli :( Thanks

    1. Ada try hard reset dia? *Sorry lama da tak online dalam blogging ni*

    2. Ada try hard reset dia? *Sorry lama da tak online dalam blogging ni*


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