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Monday, August 29, 2011

Who cares ? Definitely NOT you . ☺

You are no longer needed . "Aku buat hal sebab kau kongkong aku" ? WTH ?? What's the point you have an relationship but you acted like SLUT ??? And by the way , there's NOTHING to do with dominating the relationship with MEETING UP WITH YOUR EX . :)

For many times you put the blame on me , THERE WILL BE A GIRL for me . And yes , she's lucky to have me . For you , she will be doom , nopedy nope , we will be fine . Wanna why ? Cause' she ain't a BITCH like YOU ARE . :)

I didn't feel intimidated by your action pulled all of your friends away from me , cause' friend comes and go in my life . Didn't bring much different though . :)

I'm now free from you , and by the way , it had been TWICE I asked for breaking up but you are one slutty girl offered happiness and more promises . It's been done , I'm glad it's all over . . . Frrreeeeedom !

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