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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back To The Start Line . . .

Actually I was hoping for Unifi installation yesterday , but that 'unifi guy' didn't install my unifi at all , all because of the 'telekom line' not working well . Well , my father have contact his friend regarding to the telekom's line damage , but then I realised that the STUPID IDIOT UNIFI GUY have cheated me ! He didn't install anything , and then go just like that . Leaving me with my confused blur like hell situation , then his 'team' called me , said "It's okay about the line , the Unifi will charge you within by the activation of your Unifi line" , I said "Huh ? what the . . . . ? He didn't install anything at all , how can I activate anything ??" , Then the guy's on the line said "Oh , this kinda problem you need to call 1300-88-1222 and ask them." .

I tried for 3hours calling the line with the word "Pegawai Perkhidmatan kami sedang sibuk , sila tunggu.Panggilan anda amat penting buat kami." . I like , MA CHI PET . . . . What the hell they're BUSY so much ?? Then when my called were answered , it's a female operator , after I explained everything , she said "I will sent a new team due to your installation , but you will be charge like NORMAL(RM200 for installation)" , I responded "What ?? Why on earth I need to pay for the installation ? I registered on the time of PROMOTION WAIVED FOR INSTALLATION FEEs." , "Wait for a moment sir , I will help you as I could." . . . Then for like 10minute I waited on hold , she responded "I will sent a new team, you tell them what happen. And then they'll install for you." .

Today I ask my Unifi Official Agent friend that I've registered from , he said that is not kind of TM Unfi workers , and he also said he will help me register again as no installation fee needed . Plus , that contractor unifi at the time they want to do installation , they said "The cable is not enough and you will be charge for the extra cable." , I wondered , my house is not that big . . ?? After I called my father , he came and helped me measure the surrounding , wanna know what ? THEY F*CKINGLY want my money for their EXTRA POCKET MONEY . When I ask them about the cable should be okay , they freaked out and said the 'telekom line' got a problem . DAMN ! I should have seen that coming though !

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